Sophia Rising Leadership

Over 6-weeks your life is going to change. You're going to be challenged in ways you've never been challenged before. And that's the point. Leaders aren't born; they're made. You have to want to do the work, not just to figure out your business plan... you have to work on yourself.

Leadership is not for the faint of heart. 

Inside the Sophia Rising Leadership Training, you'll leave with more than enough tools to get your movement going! This includes:

Understanding WHY you even want to lead a movement -- which is often a lot different than you think

Developing and redefining your signature system® that will solve your kismet clients® problem from the root

Using Life Path Astrology® to answer those head-butting questions every business coach had you answer, but instead you're going to use your astrological birthchart to get the REAL answers

Diving deep into your kismet client archetype, which is essential the parts of yourself you still need to heal (say what? Yeah. We're going deep).

Clarifying your mission and karmic niche using a stubborn planet who holds the key to your success and demands your discipline

Pre-launching your movement with your founding members and why this is paramount if you truly want to change the world

And so much more...

This is a challenging training, but if you're ready to turn en existing business or a new business idea into a thriving movement that is built on your founding members, this is for you.


SOPHIA RISING LEADERSHIP TRAINING is a transformational business and leadership training program that empowers 5D brands to lead a movement that shapes the New Earth based on Sophia Cosmology.


Sophia Cosmology Is a spiritual theory and philosophy founded on the principle that we are all stars who came to this realm on assignment.

You will be guided and supported every step of the way... and chances are you're going to need it! This is like NO leadership or business training you've EVER encountered.


Sophia Rising 6-Week Leadership Training is designed to help you can cut cords with 3D marketing spells and the materialistic value system ingrained in most Soulpreneurs today -- AND rewire their mind to that of a 5th dimensional New Earth Leader.


The intention with the leadership modules is to help you create a strong foundation for your movement. The stronger your foundation is, the more potent your "Gatekeeper" or flagship product will be. The curriculum is designed to help you pre-launch your movement in just 4-6 weeks while clearing up the the holes in your energy field allowing you to manifest more and serve more people without feeling drained.

You'll not only save copious amounts of time, but your message will be stronger, your presentations will be more magnetic, your kismet clients® will seek you out, and your influence will skyrocket.


Ongoing accountability with Angel over Zoom. Can’t make the live Zoom calls? All the Q&A’s are archived in the member’s portal. You can also submit your questions and Angel will answer on the call. You can also ask questions in the Community and/or Forum.


Find a 5D bestie, implement accountability, and bounce ideas off your fellow 5D leader! The community will allow you to be feel valued, loved, supported, and inspired to keep it real and keep it going! By far, the most incredible group of men and women (change agents) on the planet!

ARE YOU READY TO LEAD A MOVEMENT? Choose what works best for you and let’s get started!

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60 Modules

Module 6: Creating a Transformational Gatekeeper

Module 11: Transformational Presentations p.1

Module 11: Transformational Presentations p.2

Module 11: Transformational Presentations p.3

Modules for this teaching 60

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