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Forget everything they taught you in school. It’s time for your re-education. Only this time, you are in charge. This time, YOU lead the way. 

You’ve been growing tired of the system for a while now. Deep in your bones, you can sense that the way we’ve built the world around us doesn’t really let us live. Instead, the prescribed timeline of school, college, career, retirement seems more like entrapment for the benefit of a small minority who keep themselves hidden from the eyes of the masses.

You long for change, you long for something different, but it’s overwhelming trying to figure out what the change looks like on your own. 

Let me share the first mystery training with you… 

That change is YOU. And in the Sacred Anarchy Mystery School, you’ll discover exactly how to BE the change. 

Questioning yourself and the world around you is a vital skill, one you already possess, but I’m willing to bet you have so far used that skill to criticize yourself and relentlessly try to figure out what’s wrong with you.

You are not a problem to be solved. You are a powerful spirit in a human body with the capacity to evolve. 

If only you switched that questioning from critique to curiosity. In the Sacred Anarchy Mystery School, we will carefully and intentionally uncover who you are, why you do what you do, and the source of your habits and thoughts. Not to chastise, but to realign, to understand it all so that you can build a solid foundation of self-confidence, authentic identity, purpose, and service. 

When you come back to school you can expect to: 

- Enhance your psychic abilities

- Uncover new intuitive skills

- Free yourself from the mind control perpetuated by "modern institutions"

- Discover the truth about who you are and why you are here

- Create an environment in which to THRIVE 

- Cultivate peace and fulfillment 

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* Opportunities to join additional trainings and courses, accessible by invitation only! 

* Take back your mind, remember who you are, follow the nudges of your Soul and become the change this world so desperately needs! 

I can't wait to serve you!

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