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The Void: The Basis of Magick

The Void, also referred to as dark matter or the unconscious world, offers deep insight and healing for those who are ready to explore its deep roots. When you're tapped into The Void, the world and all its wonders begins to change. Things that were once uncertain, confusing, or worse, painful begin to make sense.

In this Masterclass we will discuss:

  • the subconscious mind and how it relates to magick
  • how to tap into The Void to access hidden messages that are not available in the conscious world
  • the #1 ingredient to potent and successful magick
  • why magick (and spellcasting) don’t work for many
  • case studies of what (can) happens when you play with magick (without this one vital key)
  • why magick scares many and is intentionally set-up this way
  • and more!

This class is also available in The Starter Kit available inside The Inner Temple Magick Academy.

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