The Rainbow Bridge

In The Rainbow Bridge class, you'll discover the power of your personality and your soul by creating a rainbow bridge that unlocks who you truly are.

In order to discover the path, you must become the path. That is the spiritual journey of the evolution of our consciousness and that language is love. 

As humans, we have both a higher and lower self, sometimes referred to as the Higher Mind and the Lower Mind. This polarity plays a vital role in our happiness (or lack thereof) on this planet and how deeply we can love one another, so it’s helpful to learn how to close the gap between these two worlds in order to co-create in harmony as a species.

The lower self is the personality. It’s how we see ourselves in the 3rd dimensional realm. As for the higher self, which we will refer to as the soul, is there to help you find purpose in your life while you fulfill your soul’s contracts.

The Rainbow Bridge is made up of the 7 rays of light, which connect and bring unity to the lower and higher selves. This is an important rite of passage for humans, as many people today identify solely with their personality and haven’t a clue what their soul is trying to communicate. Hence, they never discover their Rainbow Bridge. 

The purpose of The Rainbow Bridge is the gift you the ability to realize the soul's profound love and wisdom. However, it’s constructed over time. 

If an individual chooses not to explore the Higher Mind, the bridge will not be built. And furthermore, you cannot build this bridge instantly. It takes practice and care to build this sacred bridge.

70 mins.

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