The Celestial Body: Jupiter + the Liver

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If your health needs a reboot and you’re serious about healing yourself, then listen up!

From inflammation, bloating, acne, psoriasis, hair falling out, panic and anxiety attacks… the list is far too long -- my health has been the bane of my existence!

What I discovered after my years of self study, Natural Medicine School, and a plethora of holistic health certifications, is the problem was more than just changing my diet, getting the appropriate dosage of vitamin D or juicing or even fasting.

It took me understanding my celestial body to get to the root cause.

So maybe you’re like I was?

Fed up with:

• Extra belly fat
• A slow metabolism
• Thyroid and other hormonal issues
• Skin issues
• Inflammation
• Digestive problems
• Fatigue
• Blood sugar highs and lows (moodiness, etc..)

Well, your liver is LIFE.

But it’s not just your physical liver that needs regenerating, it’s the celestial body of the liver that also needs your attention.

As Above, So Below.

You can heal, you just have to dig a little. And this is where Life Path Astrology® makes the process a lot easier.

Instead of wondering where to look, you just go straight to the source: JUPITER.

Are you ready to begin your journey of better understanding your celestial body?

Are you curious how this astral body can aid in revitalizing your vitality?

Let’s be real, if you have chronic health issues, leading a movement or being the change you wish to see in the world loses its luster.

It’s hard enough just to wake up and feel good about yourself, let alone get out there and shine your light for your kismet clients.

Am I right?

So let’s fix all that.

This is 2-Module Workshop.

☑️  In module 1, we will look at your Jupiter placement in your birth chart and uncover what it means, along with your 9th house to tell the bigger story of your Liver.

☑️  In module 2, we will be practicing Inner Temple Magick to heal your symptoms through the subconscious mind.

I will also be providing a list of:

- liver tonifying elixirs
- therapeutic rituals
- and other holistic recommendations to support the healing your celestial body

Lifetime access.

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2 Modules

The Physical and Celestial Body

Modules for this teaching 2

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