The Living Stars Collective Readings

In honor of the night sky, you are cordially invited to join us tri-monthly, for a collective reading of The Living Stars. The collective reading takes into consideration the sun placement, decans, planetary rulers, and more. I will share what energies are potent during these (approximately) 10 day periods, with the hopes that you can use these energies in your life and in your work. These subtle energies can be felt intuitively by any great mystic, astrologer, or sage.

Individual readings, offered in a group setting, will be available inside The Living Stars Membership. To be invited to the membership, attend the collective readings held every 10 days for details on how to join.

The Living Stars is an ode to the sacred waters of the night sky, a vessel containing the potent and subtle energies of the cosmos that interact with our esoteric technology.

As Above, So Below, or Hermetic Law of Correspondence, is the governing principle behind the wisdom of The Living Stars, honoring the healing and destructive nature necessary to expand and develop the true essence of the Self. Through the constellations of decanates, zodiacal signs, planetary rulers, anatomical correspondences, paired with the bewitching knowledge of the Major and Minor arcana of the Tarot, the Lesser Key of Solomon, mythologies, and dream symbolism, The Living Stars offers powerful keys that unlock the mysteries and mystical lessons to our evolution.

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