The Dark Mystery of Amenta Masterclass

Discover the mysteries of amenta in this eye-opening introductory masterclass, which holds the key understanding the hidden knowledge of your spiritual nature. 

Welcome to an eye-opening class that is intended to open the blackness within you, which holds the key understanding the hidden mysteries of your spiritual nature.

During our time together we will cover:

- What is the Amenta?

- What do the Halls of Amenti represent?

- The rich history of our species and what has been "tossed" away as waste

- How this "waste" plays a significant role in your health and wellbeing, psychology, and spiritual advancement

- The truth behind mental slavery that has taken place for aeons!

- A deeper understanding of your brain and it's cosmological affiliation with the black cosmos

- And more!

This is the introduction to a new course, The Dark Mystery of Amenta that is sure to change your perception about who and what you are!

Don't miss it! 

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