Instant Connection Workshop

In this workshop, you'll create your "belief breaking identifiers", which you'll use in your value system marketing to build instant connection, trust, and likability with your audience. This will help strengthen the relationships with your potential kismet clients, even the ones who just found you!

If you've been struggling to naturally attract the people you were born to serve, then it's likely because you haven't identified the MAJOR and MINOR beliefs your kismet clients currently have.

This is very important.

Connection isn't just built over time, it's built with values.

Your product/service solves a problem AND your approach differs from the mainstream solutions that are currently available on the market. This is where your "belief identifiers" play a huge role in creating intrigue and interest with your kismet clients.

Why will your kismet clients choose your product/service over a mainstream or popular product?

This is the important of creating INSTANT CONNECTION.

In this workshop, you will learn the 5 pillars to authentic connection as well as identify your major and minor beliefs you're going to help you kismet clients break, which are also going to turn new followers, subscribers, and viewers into instant fans! This has everything to do with your value system and how it relates to their pain points.

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