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With a Level VII membership to the Inner Temple Magick Academy, you'll receive announcements for upcoming workshops at our monthly gathering, The Magickal Collective, as well as the Magickal Starter Kit, The Great Rebirth Series, Inner Temple Magick Lessons, Into the Mystic Book Club, Grimoires, 5D Leadership Mastermind, (3) private calls with Angel, and discounts on mystery school teachings.

Inside Level VII Membership:

- The Magickal Collective (monthly virtual gathering)
- Magickal Starter Kit
- The Great Rebirth Series 
- Inner Temple Magick Lessons
- Into The Mystic Book Club
- Grimoires
- 5D Leadership Mastermind (monthly)
- (3) 60-minute Private Call with Angel
- 20% off teachings inside the Sacred Anarchy Mystery School
- Sacred Anarchy Community Group

The Magickal Collective:
The Magickal Collective is our monthly community meeting and fellowship of like-minded 5D leaders (and leaders in the making) who want to sharpen their movement and strengthen their magick! It's a casual event that will take place on the LAST TUESDAY of every month and will last approximately an hour where we can congregate privately. If you cannot make the meetings live, the replays will be housed in the member's portal.

The Magickal Starter Kit:
The Magickal Starter Kit includes 4 introductory classes to begin your magickal journey. These classes include: How to Lead a Movement Guide, The Void Masterclass, Fear Blocks Magick Masterclass, and The Path to Wisdom Email Workshop. Each of these classes touch upon different aspects of magick from the activation of your third eye to diving into the abyss of chaos to overcome fear.

The Great Rebirth Series: 
The Great Rebirth is a series of lectures for those who feel called to be the change they wish to see in the world. This series offers occult wisdom and sacred knowledge for anyone on a spiritual path to enlightenment for the purpose of serving mankind and elevating the consciousness of this planet. 

This series teaches what is often to referred to as “taboo” concepts that are required for true awakening to occur. To know and not to be, is not truly to know. For The Great Rebirth to occur on this planet we have to take personal responsibility for our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and build a rainbow bridge between the lower and higher self.

Inner Temple Magick Lessons: 
The Inner Temple Magick Lessons are the heart of the Inner Temple Magick Academy. The lessons are rich with sacred knowledge and ancient practices of true magick. There is no hocus pocus here. Together we will focus on the aura map and build upon each layer for the duration of your stay. If you're ready to be a student of magick, you should know that magick is an extensive topic that will require you to learn the principles of how it works.

Together, we will use the energies of the angels, archangels, entities, and other energetic forces to unfold the mysteries of magick and then put them into practice. The lessons are rich with well-researched information around the Kabbalah, Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge, Shadow Work, Rituals, Communication with Energetics, Using Emotion and more to call in your desires and step fully into your role as a 5D leader.

Into the Mystic Book Club: 
Into the Mystic Book Club is a book club dedicated to the occultist, ceremonialist, high priestess, philosopher, spiritual teacher, and 5D leader. This book club is for obtaining sacred knowledge from sacred texts that are both captivating to the mind and inspirational to the spirit! Think of this book club as your sacred cliff notes! We meet regularly to discuss the pertinent concepts of the sacred text for the purpose of obtaining new knowledge and expanding consciousness.

Grimoires are documented magickal workings. With your membership, you will unlock the grimoires archival library.  These grimoires are Angel's personally tested rituals that are designed to have you practices magick, not just learning about it! It's not really magick if you just read books or learn the principles of magick. You must practice magick to get the results. Grimoires will lay out a ritual in a step by step fashion. It is your choice if you'd like to make changes to the grimoire; it is entirely up to you!

5D Leadership Mastermind: 1 group call per month
Angel's 5D Leadership Mastermind is a group masterminding gathering designed to help you step fully into leadership by leading your own movement. It is here, you will receive guidance and mentoring from Angel, but also receive enhance your business practices through magick, kismet client attraction, and so much more. If you're looking to fine-tune your 5D business, this mastermind is a blend of strategic tools and magickal practices.

Private Call with Angel: 3 calls per month
Gain personal access to Angel via private Zoom calls, which are recorded and sent to you. The private calls are used for magickal practices, mentoring on your movement, and designed to help you set and meet your goals. If you've been looking for a mentor who pairs leadership, magick, and business growth as the recipe for success, these calls will enrich your life and your career!

Discounts on Mystery School Teachings: 20% off
Angel's teachings are extensive, with over 200+ taught courses and workshops, she is constantly added (and archiving) her trainings here in the Sacred Anarchy Mystery School. From her decade of business courses and trainings to holistic healing teachings and magickal practices, use your 20% off discount code on any class/workshop to continue your education.

Sacred Anarchy Community: 
Never miss an update or reminder from Angel when you join the Sacred Anarchy Community group. In the community group is where Angel will announce events taking place in the Inner Temple Magick Academy. If you have any questions, you may also respond to her messages directly in the comments. Don't forget to set-up your profile and meet like-minded folks there too!


The Inner Temple Magick Academy is a training program for those ready to learn the power behind Inner Temple Magick. It is here you will learn the alchemical process of using your Will to turn I AM into Me.

- I AM is the Highest Self and how you will begin your practice with high magick.
- Me is related to the realization of who you’d like to become, what you’d like to materialize, and the experience with life you’d like to achieve.

There is a step by step process to uncovering your own magick, which ultimately, is an inside job.

Together, we will break down barriers (fears, limiting beliefs, subconscious programming) that are preventing you from KNOWING your magick. This course is a combination of my years of self study in the occult and my personal favorite: chaos magick.

Real magick has little to do with spiritual garb, candles, spells, theatrics, etc… it has to do with your Will.

The Will I am referring to here is your spiritual will, which is accessible through the Higher Self. This means, we first must integrate the lower self with the higher self by creating a rainbow bridge. Once you achieve this, you’re golden!

If you’re ready to dabble in magick and start using your Will to “command” what it is you want in your life (not just ask or pray or plea or perform ritual after ritual), then you’re in for the adventure of your life!

I have been studying the occult since I was 14 years old — over 30+ years and if you’re still reading this I want you to know that MAGICK is a very extensive subject.

Inner Temple Magick initiative is a combination of what I feel is most important, what works, AND holds up to my way of life — 5th dimensional living.

I look forward to serving you in the activation of your magick and help you step fully into your role as a 5D leader.

* This is a month to month membership. No contract. You may cancel anytime.

16 Modules

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Welcome to The Magickal Collective!

REGISTER :: The Magickal Collective Gathering

Join our monthly gatherings to learn more about the Inner Temple Magick Academy, the power behind magick, and to deepen your relationship with your new favorite community!

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Sacred Anarchy Community

We are excited to announce invite you into our community for those who are ready to activate their magick and be the change they wish to see in the world by leading a movement. Welcome to our mystical, expansive, and illuminated 5D world.

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>>> Register for Athena & The Mythic City Within

The Mythic City Within is metaphor for the inner workings and residence of the psyche. The way we view ourself and the world is constructed by this mythic city.

Myths are a key to the Amenta (mind) and subconsciously they teach us about life values while strengthening our imagination and expanding our vision.

The stories told and retold in the mind, especially how we deal with conflict, create our physical reality; they also hold keys to the creation of a New World.

The ancient Greek myths tell us that Athena, the goddess of the mind, was the first born of her father Zeus’ brain and that she became the archetype for pathos or divine winning and persuasion.

🧠 She is an important resident of your mythic city.

In this class we’ll explore Athena and The Mythic City Within to see how she can help you create a democracy within, which will ultimately create a democracy without — as above, so below.

We will do this through Nightside conversation, Life Path Astrology®, and by getting curious!

Together we’ll explore your birthchart to expand upon “The Mythic City Within”, so you can better understand your Nightside, Athena’s role in your society, and how to harness and develop her field of genius, so we may become the change we wish to see in the world by first becoming it within!

⭐ Natural Magick (coming soon)

The Path to Wisdom

THE PATH TO WISDOM is a 6-part email workshop designed to help you repair the holes in your aura, harmonize your brain, and bring you back into alignment with Natural Law.

In this 6-part email workshop you'll learn the occult secrets to repairing the holes in your aura, harmonizing your brain chemistry, and bringing you back into alignment with Natural Law for the purpose of becoming the alchemist of your life.

Get ready for a deep dive into the heavens as we explore the parts of the Self that we might not be able to see, but are working their magic underneath the surface.

6 lessons.

How to Lead a Movement

You know you came to this planet for a reason. You have gifts and abilities that need to be in the eyes and ears of your kismet clients. Whether you’re currently running a business or ready to step into a leadership role, in this complimentary leadership guide you’ll learn the exact steps thousands of our students have used to be a part of the creation of the New Earth.Because let’s face it, this world needs new leadership.

So why not you!? If you’re ready, let’s get started!

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Fear Blocks Magick

There are deeper forces at play in our universe and the more knowledgeable you are about the world of the occult, the faster you can banish fear from your field of consciousness and STOP worrying about when your desires will finally to materialize.

The Void: The Basis of Magick

Discover the principles of Inner Temple Magick to learn how to use your magick (and energy) to call in that which you desire. This method utilizes Natural Law and the power of true Will. If you've studied the Law of Attraction or created a money altar or tried to repair your "money wounds" in the past, this philosophy doesn't have anything to do with that. This is magick. And when you understand your own energy, you will reap its rewards. Abundance, prosperity, and healing follow.

The Great Rebirth Series

The Great Rebirth series welcomes you to an exclusive segment available only to its members. It is here Angel will share her research and divine insights about what is happening in our world and how we can be the change by taking action.

Replays will be housed here in the mystery school within 1-2 business days.

==>> Click here to register <<==

Into The Mystic Book Club

Into The Mystic is a book club like no other. Whether you want to pick up the book Angel's reading or just learn from her discussions about each chapter/essay, this book club is all about obtaining sacred knowledge from sacred texts that are both captivating to the mind and inspirational to the spirit!

All discussion will be archived in the club, so even if you can't make the discussion live, you can listen to them at your leisure.

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5D Leadership Mastermind

Join Angel and your magickal mastermind partners for a group monthly mastermind session dedicated to helping you grow and elevate your movement! All mastermind sessions will be recorded and archived here in your membership.

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Private Call with Angel

With the Level VII membership, you receive (3) 60-minute private calls with Angel each month. Mentoring sessions are best used for brainstorming, magick, and mindmapping. Angel will happily use any tool in her toolbox to help you including: Life Path Astrology, Inner Temple Magick, Coaching, etc...

25% Off Teachings in Mystery School

Enjoy 25% off any teaching inside the Sacred Anarchy Mystery School and deepen your occult education and divine wisdom.

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