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As if you didn't already notice, this world needs new entertainment! With all the corruption that has been exposed, it's only natural to wonder if what you're consuming is tarnishing or polishing your subconscious mind. That's where you come in! Hosting a 5DTV Channel is a new magickal media workshop designed to help you bring awareness to your movement, while building trust with a new (and existing) audience!

This workshop is for 5D leaders who are leading a movement to help create the New Earth! If you've been thinking about creating a Youtube, Bitchute, Rumble, or Vimeo Channel, this is the workshop for you.

I will be focusing primarily on Youtube, but will briefly go over how to share your videos on all platforms to maximize exposure. If your 5DTV channel goes against the ridiculous narrative and feel it will be censored, this is also a great reason to add your videos to all these platforms -- just to protect your content from being deleted!

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In this 3-part workshop you'll:

- Discover your 5DTV Niche or Theme (how to narrow in on why you channel is different)
- Naming Your Channel and Creating Artwork (and a magickal ritual to birth your channel into existence)
- How to Map Out 50+ Magickal Topics to Cover on Your Channel (that will get your videos found on YT)
- Softwares I Use to Maximize SEO (search engine optimization) When Creating Titles, Tags, Hashtags, etc...
- Special Tips + Things to Watch Out For (from personal experience) so you're efforts don't go unnoticed
- The Secrets Behind "The Magickal Thumbnail" to Promote Your Video and get folks to click and watch!
- And so much more...

I want to you to know that I've learned a thing or two about Do's and Don't when it comes to building a Video Channel. I built my Youtube channel from 0-19K subscribers in less than 6-months doing Tarot Readings. This was awesome and not-to-so-awesome at the same time because my primary business was NOT reading tarot cards. It was also VERY time-consuming and psychically draining. When I changed my "niche", I lost subscribers because my content changed. I'd love to help you avoid any pitfalls I experienced from this valuable lesson in content creation!

My goal with this workshop is to share what I already know about building a "successful" Youtube Channel, but through a new lens that is more in alignment with my movement and offerings. I have since reworked my channel and am excited about continuing to create videos that nourish ME as well as my audience. There is a TRUE artform.

If you're serious about helping to create the New Earth, I can't express how important video is in inspiring, education, and creatively motivating your audience to understand the principles of the 5th dimension.

No matter what niche you're in, if you're a change agent this workshop is going to jumpstart your movement!

I will be embedding magick and subconscious rituals in this program to help you gain confidence and stay committed to creating fun and teachable videos to an audience that is seeking your wisdom, but currently can't find it!

This is a 3-part workshop and you will have lifetime access.

7 Modules

Part 1 - Leadership Style, Kismet Client, and Your Intro

Part 2 - Optimizing Your Channel (Softwares, SEO, Playlists, and more!)

Part 3 - Magickal Entity, Thumbnails, and Archiving

Bonus #1 - What It Takes to Be a Successful 5D Leader

Bonus #2 - High Vibrational Newsletters

Modules for this teaching 7
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