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Mirror Alchemy Ritual

Inner Temple Magick is reserved for leaders, people who KNOW themselves, people who practice the Care principle, and for those who are ready to RISE. This isn’t some cutesy candle magic ritual where you get out all your pretty crystals and tarot cards (although you most definitely can). This is about Will.

The only reason something in your life hasn’t come to fruition is because your subconscious mind has taken a beating. That’s right, a bloody beating.

The subconscious mind is the feminine aspect of yourself; it’s the unconscious world and it lives in darkness. I call this The Void. If you feel like you’re ready to truly BE an alchemist, not just call yourself one or use the word in your branding because it sounds cool, then this ritual is going to change the game for you.

- If you’re struggling with a chronic ailment? Yer subconscious mind is beat up.

- If you're worried about money or the state of the world, your subconscious mind has been programmed by a bunch of foolish shit.

- If you think someone or something outside of you knows what is best for you, your subconscious mind needs your TLC!

This ritual won’t tell you what to see, it will help you to seeeeeeeee! To see for yourself!

Isn’t it time to start seeing in the dark? If you’re ready to explore your unconscious world and come face to face with your “demons” get this ritual today!

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