Fear Blocks Magick

How many times have you wondered why your health issues won’t heal, money seems to be an ongoing saga of disappointment, a divine relationship continues to take forever to show up…. And on and on.

There is an explanation for it, but it’s going to require a deeper understanding of your - BRAIN.

Your brain holds a frequency and when you’re under a lot of stress or worried about this or that, you burn out this part of your brain.

While you might think the solution is to fix your thinking or eat some omega 3 fatty acids to support your brain health, the real solution actually involves a deeper explanation.

In this brand new free Masterclass, I will:

- Uncover the truth about brain health and it’s connection to materializing your wishes
- Go over why your desires are stuck in your root chakra keeping you on that merry-go-round of survival mode, even feeling hopeless or even desperate at times
- Explain the esoteric definition of the “left hand path” that has ZERO to do with ‘demons or evil mumbo jumbo’
- And so much more!

This class is like nothing f you’ve heard before, but it’s also going to take a little courage to admit YOU need support.

Please know, this is not your fault.

There are deeper forces at play in our universe and the more knowledgeable you are about the world of the occult, the faster you can banish fear from your field of consciousness and STOP worrying about when your desires will finally to materialize.

Join me for a liberating Masterclass you won’t want to miss!

Bring your notebooks and an open mind! We’re going to be talking about magick!

This class is also available in The Starter Kit inside the Inner Temple Magick Academy.

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