The Secret of Sabbath

This is a mind-blowing workshop! If you know in your heart and soul that manifesting is truly a cosmic gift, then I would encourage you to learn how to master the art of embodiment. I will show you using the zodiac how to perform each step in the process so that embodiment is not only achievable; it is also a fun game of life!

In this 4-part workshop you'll learn:

- Properly Set and Name Your Desire
- Communicate What You Desire with the Universe
- Invoke the Feeling of Having Your Desire (step by step)
- Shift Your Consciousness to Embody Your Desire
- Make Peace with Your Current Consciousness (say farewell)
- Pinpoint what Shadow Work Needs to be Done to Let Go and Let "God"
- Use I AM Statements
- And so much more!

This process was divinely given to me and the information I am sharing in this 5D Workshop is not available anywhere else online or offline for that matter.

Ready to become One with your desire? The Secret of Sabbath is the key into your next level of consciousness.

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