Overcome Your Fear of Being Seen Instagram Training

OVERCOME YOUR FEAR OF BEING SEEN is a 3-part virtual workshop for New Earth Leaders who who want to sell products and serve their kismet clients® using Instagram.

This workshop is designed to help you use Instagram's multi-faceted platform to engage, attract, and build authentic relationships with the people you were born to serve -- and build true confidence in the process!

If you're serious about helping to create the New Earth and are unsure how to create an audience who LOVES what you bring to the world, this workshop is sure to celebrate your leadership.

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • How to Create Your Signature Insta-Stories Brand Story!
  • How to Write a Compelling Insta Bio and Call to Action
  • How to Use the Power of IG Lives to Build a Growing Audience
  • How to Set-up a Strategic Plan to Use IGTV Weekly to Build Likability 
  • How to Create a Feed that Invites Connection and Comments
  • How Direct Messages Are a Game-changer for Enrolling New Clients
  • And so much more!

♡ This workshop is a virtual workshop. This course is 5 hours in length.

This was so incredible and inspiring; thank you so much - and thanks for showing your first video from 2010 too! You are so authentic and I am so grateful for all you bravely share!!!! - Carlen Altman

* Need a payment plan? Join the Star Client Program at https://sacredanarchy.org/starclient

Modules for this teaching 3

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