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The Shadow Self

THE SHADOW SELF is a 5-part virtual training and astrology workshop.

Everyone has a dark side, but many of us are too ashamed to admit it. However in this training you'll learn how incredibly valuable your shadow self is and how to harness all of its gifts.

Get ready for a truly transformational experience using your astrological birthchart!.

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • What is a Shadow Side and How Repressing it is Affecting Your Life/Business
  • How to Identify your Inner Darkness by Analyzing your Astrological Birthchart
  • What the Pluto Has to Do with Your Work and Human Evolution
  • What Your Dark Side Can Teach You About Your Customers
  • Why Your Inner Darkness is Directly Linked to Your Higher Calling + Financial Prosperity
  • And so much more!

♡ This workshop is a virtual workshop.

So good, powerful, and on point -- as always Angel. Thank you! - Michelle Slote

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5 Modules

Module 1 - What is a Shadow?

Module 2 - Your Shadow + Astrology

Module 3 - The Planet Pluto

Module 5 - Your Shadows + Financial Prosperity

Modules for this teaching 5

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