Solar Return Workshop

According to astrology, your real New Year begins on your birthday! So, forget January 1st! What matters is that you set your goals around your birthday to make the most of the energy of the stars and planets!

In this virtual workshop, you'll get an insider look at where your planets are in your birth chart based on your current location so you can properly plan your New Year goals and intentions based on the significance of the planets and stars!

In this 3-part workshop you'll learn:

* How to run your astrological Solar Return birth chart

* How to read your Solar Return birth chart in order to create your goals and intentions for the year

* How to plan your quarterly Solar Return year so you can achieve your goals and manifest their outcome

* A ceremony to perform to activate your goals/intentions so you get the results you desire using herbal alchemy and other spiritual divination tools!

* and so much more!

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