Becoming a Divine Resource

BECOMING A DIVINE RESOURCE is a virtual workshop for those ready to step into their leadership role by creating an online course that celebrates their divine gifts.

This workshop is designed to help you serve your kismet clients while exchanging energy (money), with the purpose of helping them to solve a problem.

If you're serious about using your divine gifts to help create the New Earth, I hope you will roll up your sleeves and commit to developing your first online course!

In this workshop you'll learn:

* How to Use Your Astrological Birthchart to Understand Your Divine Gifts
* What Needs to Be Included in Your Online Course
* How to Set-Up Your Online Course (and what softwares you'll need)
* How to Market Your Course to Fill it With Your Kismet Clients®
* and so much more!



Wow , Thank you Angel soo much! I am in such a state of joy right now. You speak my language and I am further ahead after watching this and I believe i have the name of my course. it is such an amazing way to learn this. I have been following you, and interested in your teachings. And yet, I bought a different course to which I am struggling with. I am happy to be part of your club now and excited to finally figure out going full speed ahead now. thank you! - Nicola

This was a great class! I love the step by step instruction that makes things easy to do.  - Elaine

The great thing is that you don't need a website to create a course using these tools that you shared with us! - Iduma

This class is AMAZING! - Nicole

I cannot wait to create my course now! - Anne

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