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The Tree of Life Workshop

Just as the Universe has a Tree of Life, you also have a Tree of Life and is represented by the planets in the solar system.

Through the 7 chakras and 11 planets (including the Sun and the Moon), you are a walking superpower -- literally!

Want to learn how to nourish all the planets and chakras in your Tree of Life to manifest all your desires?

Here's how it works.

The reason most people have yet to see their desires manifest in the flesh is because 1 or more of their planets and/or chakras is not being nourished.

For example:

If you are feeling triggered or defensive when someone brings something up about relationships (when you really, really want a relationship), this is likely a symptom of unnourished Mars energy.

When you know which planets in your Tree of Life are unnourished, you can take the necessary steps to nourish these planets to raise your vibration so you can be in alignment with your desire.

The only reason your desire hasn't manifested yet, is because you do not currently share its frequency.

Nourish the planets and chakras in your Tree of Life and you will have no choice but to BE in alignment to your desires, all your desires!

In this workshop you'll learn:

* How to draw your very own Tree of Life (from an astrological perspective)

* What each of the points in your Tree of Life represents and their importance

* How to determine which planets/chakras are out of balance (and how to correct)

* How to run your astrological birth chart to locate what zodiac sign your planets reside in

* How to "See" the Future and When to Stop "Believing"

* The purpose of clearing blockages and removing symptoms that keep your vibration low

* Rituals to help nourish the planets in your Tree of Life to become a vibrational match to your desires

* and so much more!

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