Karma's A Niche

Karma's a Niche is a Life Path Astrology® workshop dedicated to New Earth Leaders on a mission to provide exceptional service and facilitate transformations for their kismet clients by leaning in with their karmic niche.

Did you know there are layers to your niche?

Did you know that being in the wrong niche is one of the main reasons you’re not attracting more of your kismet clients® ?

Using my Life Path Astrology® methodology, we are able to easily (in 2 mins) identify your kismet client® archetype.

However, it’s one thing to be able to identify your kismet client® archetype and it’s another thing to know you NICHE, so they come knocking down your door.

Your niche is made up of 2 placements in your astrological birthchart.

But…. there are LAYERS to these two placements.

This is why many Soulpreneurs may initially see growth and traction in their businesses, but it gradually fades out over time.

Why is that? Has this happened to you?

This is likely because you’re ready for the next layer in your niche!

When you can clearly define your niche (or speciality) this is your gateway to greatness!

Identify with the wrong (or outgrown) niche and the crickets start to get louder.🦗

In this 90-min group virtual workshop I’m going to show you how to discover your niche — which is wrapped up in your KARMA.

This workshop will also enlighten you to the many different layers of your niche and how to determine which layer you’re currently in, which ones you’ve already outgrown, and where your niche is headed.

This workshop is going to be your treasure map to greatness!

Your karmic niche is going to replace your boring, outgrown, and unattractive niche with a revived, exciting, and challenging niche that gets you out of your comfort zone and into alignment with HOW you will better serve your kismet clients®.

Are you ready to get started!?

If so.. here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What your speciality is and how to own it to naturally attract your kismet clients
  • The layers of your niche and how to determine which layer you’re in to better serve your audience
  • What 2 astrological placements in your birthchart determine your niche (mind blowing)
  • How your niche resolves karma, which will make you a more impactful, inspiring, and powerful New Earth Leader!
  • Why the right niche will transcend your communication style making it perfectly clear the transformation your products/services facilitates

This workshop is the pre-work to the Sophia Rising Leadership Training.

* Need a payment plan? Join the Star Client Program at https://sacredanarchy.org/starclient

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