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There is a formula to achieve your desired outcome, it is: VISION + SELF IDENTITY + BELIEFS/VALUES = DESIRED TRANSFORMATION.

However, most business owners today think "to have it all" means they need to learn how to make money, get more followers, or become a better sales person.

This couldn't be further from the truth!

The real secret is to become the embodiment of a true leader.

All the "other stuff" are just 3D distractions stopping you from going within and doing the REAL work!

I’m so excited to introduce the Creed>Greed Virtual Workshop, a 9-module intensive to help you illuminate your Sophia Light!

5D Leaders have a vibrant Sophia light! That is why they attract their kismet clients with ease and grace!

To being the process of illuminating your Sophia Light, you need to align your beliefs/values with your vision AND adopt a new self identity in order to be truly align with the movement you're gearing up to lead!

When you achieve the alignment of this trilogy, your whole business begins to shift and now you're playing with FIRE.

CREED > GREED is a 9-module virtual workshop for soulpreneurs who want to use the REAL LAW OF ATTRACTION in order to self identify as a 5D leader who is ready to lead a New Earth Movement.

This workshop offers a spiritual deep dive and subconscious cleanse to help you unlock:

  • How to put together a master plan with the Real Law of Attraction "formula" for success
  • How to align the 3 minds with your formula to create the holy trinity within your spirit!
  • How to create the rainbow bridge to connect your lower self (personality) with your higher self (soul) to illuminate your Sophia Light
  • Create your brand message credence to make the new leader you're becoming so you can naturally attract your 4D kismet clients who deeply connect (and understand) your beliefs and values, which ultimately becomes your new marketing tools!

When you connect deeply to your creed, you become a valuable asset to your audience.


Because it’s no longer about WHAT you do, but rather HOW your magnetic life force energy interacts with their wound.😳

By leaning in with your creed (instead of focusing on sales or money), you become pure nourishment for your people.

With this subtle yet prolific shift, you'll move out of scarcity and be seen as an abundant resource your kismet clients can’t find anywhere else!

You'll know when this upgrade is taking place inside of you when your lower self connects with your higher self — creating the rainbow bridge.

When the rainbow bridge is created, your intuition is heightened and your message flows naturally through you. This is how you will know this incredible alchemy has occurred within you!

Get ready! We’re going DEEP! Get ready!

Not sure if this workshop is right for you? Check out this masterclass to learn more.

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