Create Your Conscious Kingdom with Tarot

In this 4-part business tarot workshop designed to help New Earth leaders thrive in their movements, you'll learn new principles, concepts, and strategies to inspire business growth.

Here's what we'll cover:

Part 1: Pentacles - Money and Its Divinity
In this session, we'll look at the foundation of money, what role it plays in building a successful business, your relationship with it, and how to become a master manifestor of wealth to exponentially grow your brand.

Part 2: Wands - The Passion That Drives You
In this session, we'll look at your passions, what lights your soul on fire, and how to use this fire to draw people and opportunities to you with use. We'll also discuss where in your business you are potentially cutting corners, which in turn is slowing down your road to success.

Part 3: Swords - Working Through Challenges
In this session, we'll look at the roadblocks and what stands in front of you that may be preventing you from moving forward. This will also include where you are getting in your own way, such as communication barriers, personnel, and negative thinking.

Part 4: Cups - Emotional + Spiritual Fulfillment
In this session, we'll discuss what success truly means to you and how you'll know when you've reached a milestone. We'll also dive deeper into fine-tuning your offerings so you Kismet Clients® see you as the key to their healing and your business as a ritual to their personal success.

Modules for this teaching 4

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