Manifesting With Symbols

Magick is the art of using controlled thought to produce a result. In other words, your thinking is a genie bottle. Your wish is your command.

So how can we best utilize the concept of magick to help us:

* Be the best version of ourselves
* Manifest our needs + wants without reservations
* Recharge our energy
* Attract higher frequency experience + people
* Become one with the Universe
* And so much more!

Let's first identify what magick is not. This will help you to understand that magick is nothing more than the quality of your thoughts. It doesn't need to include red robes, wizards, or even a witches brew. That's all folklore.

Magick is inside of you. It's not black or white (or any other color for that matter). If you think dark thoughts or curse yourself (or others), you are still "working your magick". The problem is: this magick only attracts more of that same vibration.

In this class, you'll learn about sigil magick (manifesting with symbols), communicating with the subconscious mind. We'll also complete an exercise for deeper understanding.

The subconscious mind is your friend when you learn the power of Sigil Magick to reprogram and materialize your desires. (This is going to blow your mind!)

1 hour.

1 Module

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