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Lilith: Temptress of Desires

When you understand the power of her essence, she will show you your strength, but if you cave to her cleverness, she will show you your weakness. We are talking about Lilith. Lilith, one of the most misunderstood, misguided, and demonized archetypes found in the Universe and in our birth charts.

However, this workshop invites you to see Lilith for who she really is... a part of You.

The shadowy part that is only seen in the moonlight.

From interpreting your dreams to understanding your secret behaviors to the daily challenges we face about how to move forward in our lives, Lilith plays an integral role in our vitality, psychic powers, and our ability to see beneath the veil.

This workshop is for anyone seeking greater spiritual wisdom about themselves and the world at large. And for anyone who is READY to BANISH FEAR from their field of consciousness!

Do not enroll in this workshop if you are not ready to shatter glass ceilings.

* Lilith shows her clever ways to those who remain open-minded and curious about the mysteries of life, for she is a temptress of desires and may lead those who aren't ready for a new level of consciousness awry.

Lilith has been demonized for this reason: to encourage others not to look into her origins so they would not unveil their own inner mysteries, be able to heal themselves, or have the strength to follow their soul's mission.

We will discuss:

- Who Lilith is and her origins

- How Lilith speaks to you and how to interpret

- Why she preys on your weakness to get your attention

- How to discover Lilith in your astrological birth chart and what she is communicating with You

- What sovereignty is and how it is stolen as a result of a poor relationship with Lilith

- How Lilith relates to your ministry or service

- And so much more!

Needed Materials:

You will need to know your date of birth, time of birth, and city/country of birth for this workshop. You will run your birth chart and locate Lilith. You will understand her origins and how she communicates with your subconscious mind and manipulates your conscious behaviors.

Lilith delivers enlightenment, sovereignty, and illumination to those who are strong enough to build a sacred relationship with her.

Others, who ignore her potency will experience her wrath, which ultimately leads to a segregation of soul and spirit.

As much as Lilith can be the catalyst to the most potent discoveries of your life, she can also be your greatest enemy and the cause of much of your destruction and chaos. 

  • If you struggle or suffer from a physical ailment, Lilith will show you the way through (if you let her)
  • If you are seeking greater confidence and clarity, Lilith will challenge your programming and regenerate your self worth
  • If you are interested in strengthening your relationship with the spirit world, Lilith will communicate though your dreams, offering messages you cannot hear in the waking hours

This is like no other workshop you've attended. And it's not meant to be for everyone. It's for those who are the path to self-governance; for those who value their sovereignty, and are willing to relinquish and face their weaknesses dead in the eye in exchange for unadulterated inner strength.

This workshop is 6-modules and begins the moment you enroll!

🐍  Do you want want to feel powerful!?

🐍  Do you want to wake up in the morning knowing that are you strong beyond belief?

🐍  Strength is not just acquired by lifting weights at the gym; it’s a spiritual life force energy that is activated within you.

Lilith is that energy!

She not only wants you to be powerful, she wants you to take no shit and never feel bad about it.

She wants you to take a stand for what you value and say it unapologetically!

She wants you to be fierce, not with aggression, but with assertion!

She sees you taking the “high road”, but sometimes those roads are just a merry-go-round, leading to nowhere.

She wants you to stop putting up with bullshit!

Lilith wants you to face shit dead-on.

Stop skating around the truth.

Speak up loudly and proudly.

Stop silencing your views and feelings.

Stop gossiping and creating drama.

Just say it what needs to be said!

Get it off your chest!

Because if you don’t… Lilith will stop at nothing to get your attention! And it won’t be pretty.

She will tempt you with “pleasures” until they become your addictions, for she KNOWS all your weaknesses.

She will bring you to your knees until you’re in exquisite pain, with the hopes you’ll snap the fuck out of it and realize that was the wrong path.

She will make you crave unhealthy relationships, unhealthy food, and develop unhealthy habits, til you self loath yourself — so you’ll never want to go back to those ways ever again.

However, this is NOT done in punishment.


In fact, She loves you… quite literally TO DEATH.

So I ask you…

Are you ready to be powerful?

Are you ready to know your principles and stand up boldly in them!?

Are you ready to create boundaries and honor them as YOUR self-governing laws!?

If so, let's begin!

8 Modules

𓂀 Sacred Anarchy Society

JOIN THE LILITH: TEMPTRESS OF DESIRES *Private Group* Inside the Sacred Anarchy Society!

Part 1

Welcome to Lilith: Temptress of Desires!

You are in for a wild ride... While you await for this life-changing workshop to begin, please write down the dates/times in your calendar. 

Modules for this teaching 8

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