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Solar Plexus Manifesting

Natural Law states that what you think about you bring about, and if you’re looking to materialize something (or someone) into your life, look no further than the power of your thoughts. 

That’s where self-awareness comes in.

Self-awareness is your ability to look objectively at your behaviors to see what role you play in the timeframe of your manifestations. 

Behaviors are a result of your thoughts. What you think about yourself and how you feel about others, becomes a behavioral pattern — also known as an action. 

You cannot take an action without a thought; therefore behaviors (that may have been with you for years) you’re acting out are deep-rooted beliefs about who you think you are. 

So, who are you? What do your behaviors say about your self-awareness or lack thereof?

In this class, you'll discover the powerful chakra that connects you to your subconscious mind and how to unblock it for the purpose of manifesting your desires.

51 mins.

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