The 11th Dimension

As you begin living life in the 5D, where love is your language and compassion is your heartbeat, you’ll be able to access higher dimensions where the infinite possibilities of your reality reside. 

The 11th dimension is where the Akashic Records live. The Akashic Records hold all of your experiences, truths, future events, past events, and every thing that can, will, and has ever happened. Think of the Akashic Records like the iCloud.

What is the iCloud anyway? Where is it? Does it store its data on a hard drive or external server? Similar to the Akashic Records, the iCloud is literally a cloud. It’s a pocket of condensed information.

In fact, if you bundled up the entire Universe and all it’s energy, it would be the size of a small pea. That is how powerful your energy is; it's compact.

You are a walking piece of the iCloud. Your energy is your magick and if you use it in the right way, you can have, be, and do anything you desire. The Universe is forever expanding; the more you learn and stretch your mind, the bigger the Universe becomes. You hold the key to the iCloud.

All the great discoveries, inventions, and great ideas were birthed from the Akashic Records. The person or inventor did not “come up” with these ideas; they were divinely download. That’s the miraculousness of the Universe, if you want to create something, all you need to do is access the Akashic Records and the Universe will expand in order to birth on your behalf.

Accessing these records isn’t hard, but it does take some practice. After all, the 11th dimension is an entirely different frequency than the 5D, so you must be in the right mindset. 

In this class, you'll learn the power of the Akashic Records and how to access for the purpose of co-creating with the Universe.

You’re on a sacred path. You’re healing. You’re expanding your consciousness. You’re becoming more self aware in each and every moment. You’re starting to take deeper breaths and the signs are starting to make sense. 

This is a rite of passage. This moment in your life is your initiation to rise up and travel through the depths of your soul. 

This pathway through your soul will show you the way. Follow the light. You’ve been training for this moment for many lifetimes. 

Often, through this initiation you will find your body going through an ascension process as well. You may have sudden or chronic health issues that are unexplainable. But make no mistake, they are not for nothing. They are part of your initiation. 

This initiation may last several years, and has been happening for many lifetimes. It is waiting for you to see your own light. It is inviting you on a spiritual guest to explore your divinity and to awaken the teacher within. 

This is a period of light activation. It wants you to share your journey. Your story. Be transparent and vulnerable. 

1 hour.

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