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Sophia and The Phantom

This is going to be a powerful course dedicated to unleashing your individuality, while simultaneously getting comfortable with the *real* you, the Creator YOU.

SOPHIA AND THE PHANTOM is a 6-part masterclass that supports New Earth Leaders of tomorrow in unlocking their divine power by honoring the goddess Sophia (the soul of the world) and rejecting the Phantom (the persona of the self) for the purpose of self-transformation and greatest advancement in leadership skills.

The way we will navigate this workshop will require a deeper understanding our part in the Pelorma.

The Pelorma is the field where the richness of "creator thoughts" originates and thrives.

This field is where the Aeons reside (beings who possess divine powers) and manifest all that they can creatively desire.

These Aeons are YOU and ME.

As New Earth Leaders it is essential that we remain in the frequency of Sophia, creating that which supports our dreams and manifests our desires for the greater good of The All.

In this course you will also learn how to navigate through the boundaries and weapons of antagonist or The Phantom, which is NOT who we truly are. (We will dive deep into this concept, which I believe will give you an instant frequency upgrade!)

It is my intention that through this workshop that you step fully into your leadership role, own your position in the development of the New Earth as an Aeon, stand lovingly in your divine feminine power (even if you are a male), so you can attract those who also care passionately about your cause and mission AND serve them well!

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • What is Sophia and How to Utilize her Divine Feminine Powers
  • What "the Phantom" Represents and How it Infects + Prolongs Our Manifestations
  • How to Intentionally Attract Your "People" Who Love the "Sophia" You
  • The Secret to Working Divinely vs. Systematically for Greater Prosperity
  • How to "See" the Future and When to Stop "Believing"
  • The Power in Owning Your Role as an Aeon and* Start Leading with Greater Confidence
  • and so much more!

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