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The Rise of Sophia Library is our flagship membership offering hundreds of hours of research and learning conveniently housed in the Sacred Anarchy Mystery School.

The intention behind The Library is to move society away from Hollywood sorcery — black magick practices used to manipulate, desensitize, and cause destruction to the psyche of wo/man through symbolism, dark psychology, fear, and mind control prevalent in modern entertainment.

We believe, a truly sovereign society is one based on Unity consciousness and high magick — the practice of using our Divine Will to effectively and positively shape our personal reality and the world around us.

We also believe that entertainment should be enlightening, thought-provoking, and enriching. This is why we have curated hundreds of hours (and growing each month) of learning.

Hollywood sorcery intentionally wreaks havoc on our wellbeing and deeply affects the psyches of those who engage with it.

From blockbuster films and documentaries to your favorite binge-worthy shows (available on any given app) to corporate commercials, product placements, character development, commissioned books, symbolism and other psychological rituals that clearly support an agenda to enslave humanity through the power of the mind, a reinvention of the entertainment industry is long overdue.

The mind is a powerful tool to living healthy and flourishing lives, and we feel it should be used, stretched, and challenged in ways that support our individual growth. By opening the mind and exposing the nefarious efforts of the Hollywood sorcerers’ obvious antic to use entertainment as a weapon to descend the consciousness of the populace, our goal is to reinvent the power of productive entertainment that helps shape a New World — one based on Truth, creative expression, ascension, and freedom of speech!

What You’ll Find in The Library:

  • hundreds of hours of learning — including workshops, censored and difficult to find videos, podcasts, etc…

  • exposure of the well-thought through plan to mind control humanity

  • personal research done by Angel on an array of topics often deemed taboo or conspiratorial

  • new ideas to chew on and discuss with friends and family, and starting point to research further

  • and so much more!

There is no topic we will not cover in The Library. If we feel it will serve humanity to rise up and grow, consider The Library one of your portals to gaining insight around our hidden origins AND how to exit the paradigm that’s tied millions of people to their lower self, unable to truly connect to their higher faculties.

But no more.

We are alive during an incredible time in history as witnesses (and pioneers) of an astounding reformation, and it’s up to us make the most of this experience by taking small and large steps to transforming our Earth and taking control of our lives. It all starts with the person in the mirror, and how you choose to enrich yourself with truly holistic and enriching “entertainment”, you become part of the great change taking place in our world today.

Are you ready to be the change you wish to see in the world? If so, let’s get started.

Membership (yearly or monthly).

10 Modules

>>> Register for Athena & The Mythic City Within

The Mythic City Within is metaphor for the inner workings and residence of the psyche. The way we view ourself and the world is constructed by this mythic city.

Myths are a key to the Amenta (mind) and subconsciously they teach us about life values while strengthening our imagination and expanding our vision.

The stories told and retold in the mind, especially how we deal with conflict, create our physical reality; they also hold keys to the creation of a New World.

The ancient Greek myths tell us that Athena, the goddess of the mind, was the first born of her father Zeus’ brain and that she became the archetype for pathos or divine winning and persuasion.

🧠 She is an important resident of your mythic city.

In this class we’ll explore Athena and The Mythic City Within to see how she can help you create a democracy within, which will ultimately create a democracy without — as above, so below.

We will do this through Nightside conversation, Life Path Astrology®, and by getting curious!

Together we’ll explore your birthchart to expand upon “The Mythic City Within”, so you can better understand your Nightside, Athena’s role in your society, and how to harness and develop her field of genius, so we may become the change we wish to see in the world by first becoming it within!

Sacred Anarchy Community

We are excited to announce invite you into our community for those who are ready to activate their magick and be the change they wish to see in the world by leading a movement. Welcome to our mystical, expansive, and illuminated 5D world.

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⭐ Occult Resources (New!)

This segment is a collection of videos and resources that have been censored and/or removed from the web. I do not hold the copyrights to these incredible works. I encourage everyone who watches to check out the makers of works who are undeniably courageous souls enduring The Great Work. They have made a substantial effect on my life and I know they will in yours too.

Shared for informational purposes only.

The Great Rebirth Series

The Great Rebirth series welcomes you to an exclusive segment available only to its members. It is here Angel will share her research and divine insights about what is happening in our world and how we can be the change by taking action.

Replays will be housed here in the mystery school within 1-2 business days.

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Spirituality & Metaphysics

Modules for this teaching 10
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