Sacred Anarchy Teacher

Realize Your Sovereignty, Transform the Planet.

Sacred Anarchy Teacher Training offers occult knowledge and holistic education for the purpose of expansion, healing, and service.

Through the Sacred Anarchy Teacher Training and initiation program, you will take the first step towards developing and deepening your connection to self and the cosmos. Like branches on the tree of life, the Sacred Anarchy certification roots students in our spiritual philosophy and Natural Law welcoming them into our sovereign star family of leaders.

As Above, So Below.

Our purpose on this planet is not only to find Oneself, but rather to understand and live out One’s mission that supports mankind and elevates universal consciousness. Over 24 weeks, students will embark on the ‘As Above, So Below’ voyage to discovering the hidden parts of the Self, while deepening their relationship with the cosmos.

Combining teachings of Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, the Tarot’s Major Arcana, Hermeticism (specifically, The Law of Correspondence), the divine wisdom of Sophia, and other occult knowledge, this program will change the course of your life forever while supporting the greater good of humanity.

The intention behind the teacher training is to dissolve the false religion of authority and to reconnect with the true religion of truth, sovereignty, and Natural Law. It is then, we will see positive reform occur on this planet and unwavering personal healing.

Be the Change.

Initiated students will be certified in the Sacred Anarchy Methodology so they can go on to serve others who are awakening, seeking guidance, and in need of healing.

Their services (along with their instructional classes) will also be made available inside the Sacred Anarchy Mystery School and website.

If you feel compelled to step into sovereign leadership and be the change you wish to see in the world, are ready to dive deep into your cosmic tree, and be initiated into the Sacred Anarchy way of life, please join the waitlist.

What you'll get:

  • 24 Deep Dive Esoteric Lessons (over 6-months)
  • 12 Live Group Sessions for Exploration, Questions, and Alchemy held over Zoom
  • Private Client Portal/App and Lifetime Access
  • Certificate of Initiation Into the Sacred Anarchy Methodology to help serve others on their spiritual path
  • Sacred Anarchy Teacher Listing on Sacred Anarchy Temple
  • Sacred Anarchy Teacher Private Telegram Group
  • Recommended books, videos, seminars to support your expansion

Be sure to checkout the first annual Sacred Anarchy Teacher Conference here.

Our next batch of students will begin this mystical journey on Monday, January 16th, 2023.

Need a payment plan? Apply for our Star Client program.

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