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New Earth Mother Ritual Reading

Are you ready to unlock a powerful key to the Universe? This is a special reading dedicated to the sovereign leaders of tomorrow who continue to do "the great work" which is ultimately to balance your brain chemistry, see beneath the veil, and see generosity, love, and kindness as the new wealth. This reading also reveals a great appreciation for those who are chipping away at their truth, uncovering what the Truth actually is, but holding space for new found discoveries to be shown. This is truly a magical reading and its intention is to serve the New Earth Mothers (whether masculine or feminine); this is about nourishment for the soul and for our world.



This specific reading offers guidance around your purpose, leading a movement, and embodying the sage within. Be sure to grab your journal for note-taking, setting your intention, and for any divine downloads you might receive during the reading. Infused within each reading is Inner Temple Magick and in this specific reading Angel offers crop circle healing and music inspiration to honor how far you've come.

63 minutes.

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 New Earth Mother Ritual Reading
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